A YA Fantasy Novel
Orion Al-Shamma-Jones


By day, Craig Lowe is a normal sixteen-year-old stuck working a dull summer job. But by night, Craig travels to a world unlike any we know. He always thought that this other world was just a dream until he’s contacted by the Vorisin—a secret society that shares his visions. Craig and his best friend Will are whisked away to a secluded community in the mountains where the Vorisin work in secret to bring the world of Craig’s dreams into our reality.

With Will as his only ally, Craig must face the outsiders who fear the Vorisin’s work, a mysterious leader who may not have their best interests at heart, and beasts of the other world that are better left sleeping.

Vorisin is the debut novel of Orion Al-Shamma-Jones, a game writer who has written for the North American versions of Dragon Nest, Mabinogi, and MapleStory, to name a few.

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